Samples of My Presentations

I can customise all my presentations to suit the wishes of my audience both regarding the time consumption and the content. All I need for the presentation is electricity and screen. I can bring my own laptop computer and data projector with me. Please note that even though I have not translated the title slides yet, all presentations are available both in English and in Finnish. To see the English description of each presentation, click on a thumbnail and scroll down below the big picture to see the description.

End of the World 2012?- the truth behind myths
The Maya, known for the accuracy of their astronomical observations, had a religious calendar that predicts the end of the world, the final one, in December 2012. What is this prophesy based on and should we really worry? What do the other prophesies on the matter say?
Chronology - measuring the depths of time
What is time? How have different cultures measured and spaced out time? The presentation sheds light on the development of our current calendar and if there is anything we could do to make it even better.
Life in the Universe - astrobiology revolutionises our world view
Is the Earth the only inhabited planet in the infinite universe? Can there be life elsewhere? Why don't we have any evidence of extraterrestrial life yet? What is life, in fact? The answers may surprise you.
The Universe of Galaxies - maximising the great
The visible universe consists of galaxies, visible and dark matter, and dark energy. What are these mindbogglingly enormous galaxies? How and of what is the universe made of?
Milky Way - our galactic home
What is our home galaxy like? We live in a giant spiral galaxy with more than 100 billion stars. It takes light 100 thousand years to pass through it. There may be thousands of inhabited planets in the Milky Way besides that of our own. What do we really know of our home?
History of the Universe - from the dawn of time to this day and beyond
The entire history of the universe is presented in the lecture - from the big bang to formation of the Earth, evolution of life, current time and all the way to the end of the universe itself.
History of Astronomy - the oldest science
Astronomy is the oldest science. What did the astronomical phenomena mean to Egyptians, Babylonians, Indians, Chinese and other nations of the antiquity? How did they study them and what was their science like?
Threat from Outer Space - can the destruction be avoided?
An impact of an asteroid made dinosaurs extinct 65 million years ago. Asteroid Apophis may impact the Earth in the year 2036. What happens when a huge object hits the Earth? Should we worry? Is there anything we can do?
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