Curriculum Vitae

Rekola, Rami Tapani Fritiof

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This is the online CV of Rami Rekola. It is divided into several pages according to various themes. Some of the pages comprise the academic portfolio, while others contain additional information. Due to the open nature of the Internet, some information, such as exact time of birth, has been hidden to avoid any misuse of personal data.

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Note on my name: I was originally given first name Rami and only one middle name (Tapani). In 1998 I officially adopted a second middle name (as permitted by Finnish law), which has presumably been given in an unbroken chain to male descendants in the family since 1500's, possibly since 1300's. Hence my formal name became Rami Tapani Fritiof Rekola. My grandparents didn't give the name to my father and he didn't pass it on at my birth. When I adopted Fritiof as a middle name, my father also changed his former middle names to Fritiof, hence restoring the unbroken chain.